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You know most people have no idea how to cope with wheelchairs and don’t really care and yet it is so easy !!

The owner of Ghost Mountain Inn at Mkuze, Susan Rutherford, has gone to incredible lengths to ensure that they can cater for the disabled. They deserve a big pat on the back and all the support we can muster. Their tariffs are well priced and during the week they offer excellent specials!! There are no steps at all and they even have specially designated parking for the disabled - if I remember correctly they have two spaces. The parking area is paved - no gravel and loose stones!! Susan is busy designing a brick pathway around the garden - especially for wheelchairs!!

A few other places we have come across for the disabled is the Rocky Bay Resort (Ellingham Resorts) on the KZN south coast - In the caravan park they have a cottage that can accommodate a wheelchair - has the most incredible uninterrupted views of the sea and is very reasonably priced - It sleeps 6!!

Protea Hotel at Clarens in the Free State works quite well other than the silly ramp into the shower - the rooms are a wee bit small.
Sun Square at Monte Casino has two rooms for the disabled - we often stay there!! (Letter shortened)
- Michael O’Flattery
Thanks for the info Michael - I’m sure we shall all need a holiday to recover from the soccer! Does anybody else have a favourite accessible destination they would like to share with us? - ed


Dear Editor

Since Rolling Inspiration announced their free copy give away on their Facebook page, I was like child being promised a sweet. When it finally arrived, my mom went to fetch the post and hijacked it, so I had to wait another half an hour while she paged through it, made comments and all I wanted to do was scream, “GIVE ME MY MAGAZINE”.
I started with my friend’s article, T with Thuli, whom I met through Facebook, after that I’ve read each and every article and enjoyed it, even the adverts. I am now in the process of subscribing and cannot wait for the next edition.Thank you Rolling Inspiration for putting back the roll in me. - Whilma Liedeman, Atlantis
PS, I now even have an idea of what my en-suite can look like, thanks to the advert of Geberit!
You won the lucky draw too! Congrats! - ed

Staff QuotasI have long been sceptical of the management of disabled staff quotas in business and government and have been aware of dubious practices in this regard for more than ten years, but this week I heard of it being taken to a new low. A very large SA company, and an incredibly influential one at that, is offering its staff a financial incentive if they “reveal” a form of disability. Employees are being actively canvassed and offered financial rewards. By “disability” they pretty much mean anything that will allow the HR department to tick them down as disabled, and thereby meet the 2% quota limit.
Now I am way beyond being sensitive about disabled matters. I’ve been disabled for well over forty years, more than thirty of those permanently in a wheelchair. I know that disability extends to more than wheelchairs, being blind and deaf. But this I find insulting. Our circumstances have become a commodity which is being traded in order to attain some form of compliance. But it is worse than that. It is challenging employing mobility, sight or sound disabled people, so they are being allowed to trade those for another, more convenient, form of disabled employee, one which does not require ramps, accessible toilets or Braille equipment. The nett result is that we’re going to be pushed even further down the employment ladder. ”Regards, HILTON


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