Proudly South African

We asked you to share your soccer stories with us in picture or prose never anticipating the overwhelming response we received! It was a real struggle to decide which to use in the magazine on the front cover. To see more pix please visit the Rolling Inspiration Facebook page!

Emily shared her experiences:

I purchased tickets to several games including The Final. Tickets were reasonably priced and parking was arranged. I also celebrated with friends at Melrose Arch, Monte Casino and InnesFree Fan Parks.

Coming through the Sandton traffic to the opening game was a nightmare - we struggled for 30 minutes to find our parking and even the Traffic Cops couldn’t help - but things were sorted for subsequent matches. Ellis Park was well organised - we were escorted like royalty to the parking after our vehicle was first checked by a police sniffer dog. Soccer City and Ellis Park seating is good but there are high railings at Ellis Park that blocked my view - they need to be lowered! Seat numbering is inconsistent though and at some point we just parked off and hoped no-one would chase us away!

Nothing compares to the adrenalin rush, ubuntu and joy I experienced at the stadia. I had complete AYOBA FEEVA and need to recoup now!

Epic Enabled wrote:

The World Cup was a great experience for our French clients. They loved the matches with their Vuvuzelas, colourful Makarapas and flags. The Stadia impressed, despite difficulties ‘wheelchairing’ amongst the crowds. Even heavy wind & rain did not dampen their fun. They seemed surprised at SA’s sophistication, as they expected BUSH! Our visitors loved the friendliness and smiles, the vibrant warmth of the SA people.


This photo from the Clarke family shows the ubuntu of our wonderful rainbow nation. It didn’t matter who you supported as long as you got into the spirit of the game and gooied your gees!

Don’t Suarez Me

(a) - To viciously and proactively inhibit or halt the progress of a person, an establishment or a nation. Eg. The team’s opportunity to score was SUAREZed by a member of the opposing team.
(b) - To act in a way that is deliberate and intentional, though spontaneous, yet calculated to frustrate the advancement of an adversary. Eg. As pressure built up in the dying moments of the game, a shot at goal was SUAREZed by an opponent standing next to the goal post.

(a) - A state of being where all your efforts are visibly and overtly being frustrated and impeded. Eg. I am in a state of SUAREZ, please don’t stress me further.
(b) - A purposeful behavior intended to disregard rules or engagement so as to prevent an opponent from eminent victory. Eg. The first thought that came to Fernando’s mind was to cause SUAREZ in order to save the day.

Describing a frustrated state of mind where force is directed, deliberate and intentional. Eg. The Uruguayan SUAREZedly prevented the ball from entering the goals.

Frustrate, prevent, stress, halt, oppose, challenge, resist.

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