Wonderful Wheelchairs

When Erika, Occupational Therapist at CE Mobility, first met little Sibusiso - he had no wheelchair of his own and spent most of his days on the floor.

He was transported in a large adult wheelchair - a bit like putting your toddler in his Dad’s suit. Sitting on the floor, and the incorrectly sized wheelchair (amongst other things), caused Sibusiso to present with a severe posterior pelvic tilt. This makes correct sitting and standing posture almost impossible.

CE Mobility custom built a 10” x 10” adjustable wheelchair with some tilt in space, a tension adjustable back-rest and the correct arm and footrests. Pelvic, and foot, straps allowed them to seat him correctly whilst still providing him with the freedom to move and express himself.

But CE Mobility’s commitment has not ended with the build and delivery of the wheelchair; that was only part of the process. As Sibusiso could not initially maintain a neutral pelvic tilt Erika recommended certain exercises for stretching and positioning and the plucky young lad is now able to maintain that crucial neutral pelvic tilt in both sitting and standing. Well Done Sibo!

CE Mobility are now looking at getting Sibusiso to stand in a Kaye walker.

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