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Planning a holiday abroad?

The following tips will help you to prevent and manage any diabetes related problems.
While travelling, your normal routine will be different, you may be eating different kinds of food and your activity levels may change. Monitoring your blood glucose more frequently helps to guide your decisions and helps keep you safe. Make sure you have enough strips and lancets.

Checklist for your trip:

Blood glucose meter, strips, lancets and a spare battery

Diabetes medication / insulin

Glucose sweets and a snack

Glucagon Hypo kit if on insulin

Ketone strips if you have Type 1 diabetes

Diabetes id card and Medic-Alert bracelet / necklace

Doctor’s letter for customs / airport security

Mobile phone with international roaming activated (and your charger)

Diabetes team’s contact numbers

Any other prescription medication you are on

Medication for pain, fever, diarrhoea and vomiting

(This article is reproduced courtesy of Diabetes Focus - an official publication of the South African Diabetes Association)

Position Vacant

The Muscular Dystrophy Foundation of South Africa have a vacancy for a Chief Executive Officer.


Persons with disabilities are welcome to apply.

New APD Director

APD - (Association for the Physically Disabled) Greater Johannesburg is pleased to announce the appointment of Mrs Rachel Legasa to the position of Director.
Rachel joined the APD in 1992, has been a member of the executive management team since March 2003, management representative on the governing board since 2005 and appointed Director Designate in July 2009.

“Since then,” says Ms Mapuleng Lesoro, Chairperson of the APD Board, “Rachel has worked hard and with considerable commitment to ensure the smooth takeover of the Director’s responsibilities from the retiring incumbent, Mr Dave Fox. Her appointment is very well deserved.”

She added “At the same time as congratulating Rachel on her appointment, I would also like to thank Mr. Fox for his valuable contribution to this organization over the past seven years. He will be sorely missed by our staff and by our Board members.”

Edcon Opportunity Expo

Edcon hosted a Corporate First at their Edcon Retail Academy where they showcased Edcon opportunities for PwDs and highlighted Edcon’s commitment to disability recruitment. Retail/store, marketing, merchandising, risk, legal, financial services etc were all represented.

PwDs interacted with staff and represented their talents, skills and availability for employment to onsite recruitment and assessment teams.

One candidate reflected, “we were never treated with such respect and dignity before at an event. Normally the Disability stand is an after-thought and not much consideration is given to us.”

Edcon has embarked on a disability programme to ensure that their business is ready and sensitised to work with PwDs. Edcon are focused on ensuring that PwDs rights are enforced, and lived, daily.

Edcon Durban and Cape Town are now looking forward to hosting a similar event - watch this space!


Licia Roberto, a quadriplegic, has developed an assistive device for people with limited hand or wrist function that closes the hand and maintains the wrist position when picking up objects or tools.
The velcro strap Bio-Glove can be used in the gym to hold onto dumb-bells, clipped to cable machines and tied to resistance bands. The Bio-Glove also assists when brushing teeth and hair or holding pens and pencils.


Flu Getting You Down?

There is no magic cure for the flu – once you get it you should treat the symptoms and try to limit the virus’ debilitating effects. Oscillococcinum is a homeopathic remedy for flu symptoms whose safety and effectiveness has been proven with scientific research studies. This is the most popular over-the-counter flu medicine in France where it has been manufactured for more than 65 years, as well as in the Netherlands.
You can use Oscillococcinum even if you have already had a flu injection and preventatively by taking one dose weekly. Take it when you feel symptoms to reduce the length and severity of the symptoms.

New FluTube Star?
Make your own TV ad showing us how you pronounce OSCILLOCOCCINUM and you could be a star!

6th annual Disability Trade & Lifestyle Expo and Conference 2010

Now in its sixth year, ACSA’s Disability Trade and Lifestyle Expo will showcase products, services and organisations involved in the treatment, rehabilitation and life enhancement of people with disabilities. The event takes place 16 to 18 September at Gallagher Convention Centre, Midrand.

Between 10 and 15 percent of the world’s population suffers from a disability of some kind, whether it’s as a result of a birth defect such as Down’s Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy or Autism, or through an accident resulting in spinal injury (paraplegia and quadriplegia) or a brain injury causing intellectual incapacity.

This year’s event includes a dedicated conference on the theme; “Alleviating Poverty – Solutions and Resolutions”.

A number of events will be hosted at the show, all aimed at showcasing the various lifestyle choices for people with disabilities. These include wheelchair tennis and wheelchair basketball.

ACSA Disability runs alongside Pan African Health, the premier event for the broad healthcare community in Southern Africa. Pan African Health will allow manufacturers and distributors of medical equipment and technology to showcase their products with healthcare professionals in attendance, thereby giving an indication of how much the industry has progressed.

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