ISPO 2010 World Congress

The first ever combining of the two biggest events in the Orthotics & Prosthetics calendar, the ISPO World Congress and the Orthopadie + Reha-Tecknik 2010, at Germany’s Leipzig Messe proved a huge draw-card with 37 South Africans attending the two events.

The delegation was led by ISPO SA Chairman, Mike Barkley, and SAOPA Chairman, Allan Oates, accompanied by 28 ISPO SA members and seven other South Africans. The South African team promoted our country ahead of the soccer world cup. Visitors to their stand at the Forum International received leaflets welcoming all P&Os coming to South Africa for the soccer.

The leaflet invited foreign P&Os to contact them with a view to visiting some of SAOPA’s 205 members and 139 ISPO SA Prosthetists and Orthotists.

The South Africans also made it clear that they would be bidding to host the next ISPO World Congress, after India in 2013.“We are one of the largest new member societies, with 139 members already, and growing, and we want to invite all ISPO members to our beautiful country”, said Stanford.

“We will bid for the next World Congress in 2015, and we believe that we can make a huge success of the first ISPO World Congress in Africa, so our goal is to be at Hyderabad, in 2013, to promote ourselves as the next host nation.”

Congress 2010
President Hotel, Bloemfontein
24 - 25 September, 2010.
Call for papers issued.
2010 Main focus:
O&P and Sport

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