Andy Scott is Head of Sponsorship

Andy Scott is Head of Sponsorship for the Nedbank Group and is also involved in the promotion of disabled sport in South Africa.

Last time I put pen to paper I reported that I was ensconced as a consultant in the sponsorships division at Nedbank, well; I am thrilled to report that things have changed and in typical "Make Things Happen" style from Nedbank, I have been appointed as Head of Sponsorships for the Group.

So much for never going back to corporate life! The great news is that as a major sponsor of many properties within the sport for disabled portfolio, Nedbank have agreed that I can continue my involvement with sport for the disabled on an informal basis and that my input and sponsor liaison etc for the Paralympic team may continue, I am needless to say delighted!

Since March I have attended the Nedbank SASAPD Summer Championships for the Physically Disabled in Bloemfontein, The Nedbank Curamis Fly Fishing Competition in Belfast and am about to go off to the Nedbank SA Disabled Golf Championship in Secunda, this is evidence of the great support afforded athletes with disabilities by Nedbank – surely, orchards all round!

Good news

More good news is that VISA who are sponsors of the IPC World Cup in Manchester in May contacted me with a view to appointing two local ambassadors to represent their interests from a South African point of view and congratulations to Oscar Pistorius and Tebogo Mogalagadi who will double up as participants and ambassadors at this most prestigious event. I am quite sure that these two exceptional athletes will prove to be as exceptional ambassadors and fly the flag for all concerned.

In addition to this marvellous gesture, Nedbank together with their card division, Visa, DISSA and SASAPD conjured an incentive whereby the two athletes showing the most potential, together with an aspiring official selected on merit, would also attend the Manchester affair that they can experience international competition, though be it from the stands. A wonderful development initiative to say the least and as I pen this article, they are actually arriving in Manchester (love it when a plan comes together!” Oops, nearly forgot to tell you who they are, congratulations to Beth Nothling (swimming) and Samkelo Radebe (track) as well as Letitia Ramsay (official), May this adventure bear fruit for Beijing (no pressure!) The Nedbank Johannesburg City Marathon and Matha (short course) series took place on 7 May, once again, it is open to wheelchairs (10 km) yet with a day to go none had entered? We shout for inclusion but don’t rise to the occasion, not good enough! On the case of Marathons, once again Ernst van Dyk is stealing world headlines winning just about all that he enters, nice to see old hand Krige Schabort up there as well.

Mini academy

Mandeville have also cracked it lucky with the intervention of the Fuchs Foundation who have assisted financially in the construction of a mini academy that accommodated around 35 athletes who can stay over for camps, competitions etc. It really is a godsend alleviating accommodation and travel expenses and hopefully it will up the activity at the already very busy indoor centre.

This sounds like a Nedbank slanted article but boy is this bank on the move. I was recently asked by the HR department of what I considered a good ongoing cause to which staff who wish to, could contribute via a debit order on their salary packages could do so. I felt that the Quad Association driven by Ari was a good call, gave the information and the monthly contribution is in the region of R30 000 per month! South Africans are such a giving nation, this is fantastic!

Time for me to sign off as I am barely packed and have to head off to some commentary for the Super Series, excellent competition this year, you ought to take some time out and watch. After that, I am off to the Nedbank Disabled Golf Open at Gracelands in Secunda.

Left to right - Grahame Jones - Nedbank sponsorships, Beth Nothling, Laeticia Ramsey, Samkelo Radabe and Vanessa Singh - Nedbank Card Marketing.

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