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Welcome to our first article about employment and people with disabilities.

The aim of this Employment Section is to make people with disabilities aware of employment and the workplace by sharing information. This information should assist you in being successful not only at finding employment but also at excelling in your current job.
Without employers no one can be employed, hence we also want to provide employment solutions that will encourage employers to take action and employ (and promote) people with disabilities.
So, let’s start off by looking at the workplace environment and your role in an organisation.

Our country has some of the best employment legislation in place to encourage the employment of disabled people. The Employment Equity Act includes disabled people as one of the three designated groups mentioned. This means that it is a favourable time for people with disabilities to apply for positions because businesseses and corporates are looking for CV’s of people with disabilities.
Even though people with disabilities and females are sought after in the workplace, it does not mean that you will get a job merely because you belong to a preferential group. The workplace has become very demanding and competitive. Any applicant must meet minimum inherent requirements of the job in terms of knowledge, education, skills and attitude.

So, in order to seize the moment and successfully apply for positions, whether for a new job or for a promotion, it is essential to understand the dynamics and the functioning of the workplace or organisation.
If you already have a post, make every effort to find out about the various divisions and their functions. Understand how your role fits into your own division as well as the rest of the organisation as this will allow you to see the value you are adding.
Adopt an attitude of always wanting to learn more, ask questions about your company’s core functions, attend training courses and, most importantly, apply what you have learnt. This will enhance your skills and allow you to progress within your organisation.

For applicants applying for a new post it is important to understand the position you are applying for. Obtain information about the organisation as this will give you an edge during the interview process. Each and every employee in an organisation plays an important part. Understanding your role, where it fits in and how it adds value to the overall organisation will motivate you to consistently perform at your best and excel in all that you do.

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