Paediatric Wheelchairs


R3 500 INCL. VAT


Width Adj - 11", 12", 13", 14"
Depth Adj - 11", 13", 15"

Reclining Function.

The Transporter Buggy has all the specs on the pictures. The Transporter Buggy is R3,500-00 and the Saturn Growing wheelchair is R2,667-60. For more information contact Simon on 011 827 5893.

R5 700 INCL. VAT

The Child's Positioning Chair has brackets and pommels as well as a full padded harness and head securing bracket. Designed for mild CP kids and the reclining function used to break spasms.

Medop also has a growing wheelchair which required minimal parts to be replaced as the child grows, reducing costs of purchasing a new chair.

The Child’s Positioning Chair is R5,700-00 and comes in 14” and 16”.


R11 995 INCL. VAT

Special footrest designed for children.

  • Supplied with painted frame.
  • Supplied seat width 12",14" and 15", but seat depth are stdl 13¨.
  • Detachable armrests with stainless steel skirt guards and swing away footrests.
  • Mounted 22” mag wheels with pneumatic tyre and plastic handrims.

R15 345 INCL. VAT

Suitable for medium to serious CP children

  • Fixed seat and backrest system; ready for later upgrade
  • Modular design offers quick and convenient assembly, folding, and disassembly
  • Compact when folded, requiring minimal storage space.
  • Frame weights only 11 kg once folded; nimble and easy to transport.

For more information contact Marius on 021 592 3370


R11 950 INC. VAT

  • Double Brace Frame (14 inch)
  • Flip Up Armrests
  • 5 Speed Setting
  • Swing Away / Removable Footrests
  • Non Puncture Tyres
  • Max Speed 8 Kph
  • Range 30 Km
  • Weight 54 Kg (Excluding Batteries 21 Kg)
  • Controller Position Adjustable toLeft or Right
  • Battery : 12V 35A x2 Pcs Gel Lead-Acid
  • Very Easy Battery Mounting and Dismounting

For more information call Sheer Mobility on
Tel :(021) 552 5563
Fax : (021) 551 9931
Cell : 082 926 5414

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