Getting together

If you watch people dance, or a Grand Prix race, it’s all a matter of timing, isn’t it?

The grace and keeping to the beat in the first place, and the coordination of all the elements of design, power, tyres, team and driver synchronised to perfection in the latter: and then they win!

I think some parallels can be drawn in our sector where there are numerous agencies and associations all involved in improving the environment of people with disabilities. Overall we have that same basic objective, but just some different ways of getting there.

In terms of the coordination and improving our hit rate, I sense a growing feeling the timing is right for some kind of umbrella activity, which can synchronise all the needs, successes and failures and interests of the disability sector. This magazine, Rolling Inspiration has been prodding me along this trail for some time now: it certainly is becoming a conduit reflecting much of the diverse and varied activity, which surrounds “our” industry. It will certainly continue to do that – it will become the hinge-point of a multi-media galaxy of resources for people with disabilities: the magazine itself, a website (we’ll have one up and running mid-year), a radio programme and – who knows – even a TV presence.

But we need more than just this communication powerhouse for our fraternity, we need the structures and channels and intellects and skills to come together for greater delivery. Separately we’ve enjoyed enormous success and progress just recently. Take the last year with the Paralympics and the wonderful performance of our athletes; take our successes in lobbying for improved legislation; take the boardroom progress; those Quad Squad bricks; and more. Now if all those efforts could find a common home and more united purpose, nothing will stop us rolling forwards!

Just as we went to press we heard sales in QASA’s 2005 Quad Squad Day campaign had topped the R1,5m mark! This Brick-4-Brick revenue joins capital focused on the building of self-help centres for independent living for quadriplegics and paraplegics through QASA’s regional structures.

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